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Hamm gives back to Harrisburg
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Former Harrisburg High standout Lawrence Hamm enjoys being a role model to kids.

In our society, professional and amateur athletes are embraced and idolized by our youth.

That's reality, and it's all about image.

Those same athletes, who are placed on lofty pedestals, need to take a more active role and use their platform to reach out and help guide young people.

Why? Because there are way too many followers and not enough leaders.

Lawrence Hamm is someone who relishes being a role model.

All week, Hamm has been conducting his Hamm Basketball Camp at Camp Curtain Elementary School for kids from grades 3-12. The camp teaches the basic fundamentals of basketball as well as helping them understand how athletics opens doors for education and life.

Campers huddle in preparation to make their final plays in the 2014 Hamm Camp playoff games.
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